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By 2020, health care costs are expected to climb to $4.6 trillion and average nearly $13,000 per person, per year.


The good news? Through Cypress Benefit Administrators, a past Business of the Year, employers, employees, brokers and providers across the U.S. have found a way to combat these rising expenses while maintaining top-notch employee benefits and customized health care coverage.


Much more than your typical third party administrator (TPA), we are an employee benefits advisor specializing in self-funded health plans with a solid track record for 8647634150 In fact, while the average employee benefit plan cost increase comes out to 6.20% for the last six years nationally, ours has averaged just 1.44%.


How do we do it? We research, follow the trends, listen to our clients, adjust our strategy as needed and put all of our collective experience toward creating something incredible – fractionalize This suite of employee medical benefits is the first of its kind to merge benefits/claims administration and employee decision-making together with cost containment and tracking measures to create fully customized health plans.


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