There's danger that the levee will break. We have to evacuate immediately.

Emmett is last.

For the thousandth time, I don't need your help.

Brenda realized the problem.

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This old house needs a good housekeeper.

I think you could've been more patient.

Albert is Canadian.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.


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I'm not going to talk about it.

It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse has already gotten out.

My father used to read me bedtime stories when I was a kid.


Please try your best to avoid accidents.


I'm responsible for Clay.

Anything oral is fine by me.

Is this the place where your mother works?


In order to get the coconut milk, you must first crack the coconut open.

Due to the friction generated between a meteor and the atmospheric gases, most meteors burn up before hitting Earth's surface as a meteorite.

Come whenever you like.


When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.

Laurianne found something on the front seat of his car.

I am in full accord with your viewpoint.

Don't work yourself sick.

The manager will be right with you.

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A stranger asked the girl whether her father was at home or at his office.

I shouldn't have gone to see Malus.

Emil only made a few mistakes.

I won't be quiet.

A group of languages related via a common ancestor, or proto-language, is referred to as a language family.

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If I were you, I'd ignore it.

The quiet cat caught the mouse.

He asked her if she knew him.

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I want you to see yourself the way I see you.

There's also anger at having seen rights seized.

I don't really want to eat Chinese food tonight.

Pantelis was furious.

Bradley peeked into Dana's room, but she wasn't there.

How about sleeping at home?

Why can't you watch where you're going?

They went to Kyoto last year.

It's too conspicuous.

This lake supplies our city with water.

Lowell will wait for you.

Francis started a new job today.

The book is old.

Tourists poured into Karuizawa during the summer vacation.

Joachim picked up his rifle, aimed and fired.

Are you studying your Portuguese lesson?

That's what I pay you for.

This one won't.

I don't have very much money on me.

There were no trees on the island.

Eduardo seemed polite enough to me.

It should be interesting.

You don't have to buy it.

I have a bit of a problem.

Roger told Marsh why she shouldn't go out with John.

He told deliberate lies.

I'm leaving tonight for Australia.

Can he see us?

They have been very nice to me.

These seats are reserved for old people.

Thank you. Please stop here.

I'm pretty sure Saul's reliable.

How does Novorolsky make a living?


I don't see what's so great about that.

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Japan should be kind to other countries.


It seems I have fever.

Justin is the one who should be blamed for the failure.

This plastic chair is very cheap.

He sent back a message that everyone was well.

Shawn thinks that Triantaphyllos is dishonest.

I'm getting tired of hearing you say that.

You still have to prove it to me.

I love her eyes.

Should I tell Sharada you're not feeling well.

Do you really think that was what Srivatsan wanted?

Suddenly, he heard a strange sound.


Santa teaches sport psychology.

I don't set myself unrealistic goals.

"Here's where we separate the men from the boys." "What about the girls?"

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This house is free of rent.

We're not acquainted with each other.

Don't ask questions that you don't want to know the answer to.

She dried her eyes.

She used to drink beer.

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You think I understand absolutely nothing about this question.

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Kevan might be at home.

From there I continued my way by foot.

Radek is holding it.

I can't get a straight answer from Isaac.

You are not authorized to enter there.

You left me in despair.

We can catch them.

The tunnel could collapse, killing anybody inside it.

You must not smoke.

Many sects have initiation rituals for new members.

Some changes are needed.

He should apologize for being rude to the guests.

The coach made the players run five miles a day.


I've got a big cock!

What he says always corresponds with what he does.

I have turned twenty.

Taro is taller than any other boy in his class.

He left the money at home.

Can you explain it more clearly?

I think you should work a little harder.

She shouted and threatened a policeman by brandishing a knife.

That store sells kitchen-ware.

Could you lean forward a bit?

She was the most beautiful girl on the beach.

I bet I know what's coming.

It is a fine thing, whoever has a trusty tongue.

The meeting was arranged for next Sunday.

No man wants me. I'll have to become a cat lady.

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Several plans were proposed.

Thanks for all the help you've given me.

He arrived safe and sound.

Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Is it really that hard to speak French?

I think you might need to talk to Stu about that.

For your birthday, I'll buy you anything you want.


The rose has thorns only for those who want to touch it.


I told Kevan to come here tomorrow at 2:30.


I didn't know that Ahmed was Canadian.


Are you sure it's OK to drink this water?

Why did you marry John, of all people?

Elsa likes to work in the garden before going to work.


How long have you been standing there spying on us?

Are you an American?

Marriages based on passionate, blind love seldom work out.


The order came too late.


We need you to do your job.


Clay doesn't owe me anything.

What more can we do?

They should pay me.

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They are making a salad.

The hotel is down there.

I've just seen Wendell.

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We came back on Monday.

Don't mess with her.

We're being laid off.

Smoking has a great deal to do with cancer.

Dalida died from an overdose of sleeping pills.

He had no clothes other than what he was wearing.

You'll have to learn all these dates by rote.


The brightest star in the night sky is Sirius, in the Great Dog constellation.

Yesterday Jeff gave me a book the cover of which was blue.

You really messed things up, Jef.

Art knew Price would help him.

When did you get up this morning?


You should visit Boston.

The ground was covered with frost this morning.

Are you volunteering to help?


This hallway keeps narrowing as I go farther and farther in.

What do you want me to wear?

What on earth do you think you're doing?

Due to his littering offense, he was forced to 10 hours community service.

Is it a coincidence?

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I have known him for two years.


He does not have a particle of honesty in him.


I want you to ride with him.

It's a crime against nature.

I can't seem to reach him.

I fell asleep while I was doing my homework.

I'm done working.